Things I learned from my day as a Gärtnerin

For the duration of my time in Germany I’ve been staying with a lovely host family. The father is a self-employed landscape gardener who works long hours, and is an all-round working powerhouse. In contrast to his working hours, the 12 periods that I am contracted for in school seem paltry. To combat this, A. invited me along to work with him for the day, so I could get a sense of what a real job is.

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St Martin, St Martin

Have you been looking for a holiday that’s like Hallowe’en but better? The search is over – Sankt Martinstag is here (or was… it was in November.) A lovely festival that involves lanterns, singing and sweets (deeper significance available upon request) [Just kidding – no request necessary, that’s all coming up. Feel free to skip the words and just look at the pictures though.]

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